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Frequently asked questions and answers HERE

  1. Do I need to book?:  Not for EVERY class (since COVID).  But if you'd like to chat to me first, please do and I can reassure you or give you directions.

  2. What should I wear?  Wear comfy leggings and a t-shirt the first time, then you can get a feel of what other people wear and what you may feel comfortable in.  ALWAYS wear supporting rubber soled trainers or pumps with laces. 

  3. I'm a beginner.  Should I come to a beginners class?   No.  All of my classes are suitable for beginners. And all exercise classes can be done at the level YOU want to do it at. I will just encourage you to work harder the more times you come. 

  4. Could I come on my own?  Most definitely.  I hope all my classes are welcoming. I pride them on not being 'clicky' and I guarantee you will forge some very good friends and contacts over the weeks you come to the classes.

  5. Can I pay by cheque? or Bank Transfer?  YES.  Cheques payable to Sandra Gribbin.  Bank account details will be provided at class if thats preferable. 

  6. How many calories could I burn in a class?  Depends how hard I get you to work!  lol.  Average ZUMBA class is 400-600 calories.  Aerobics is 350 + muscle toning.

  7. Do I need a mat? or weights?  Bring a mat to Tuesday 6.45pm class.  Wednesday PILATES and Saturday 9.30am class.   No need to bring weights.  I have them.

  8. Is there parking?  ALL of my venues have been chosen because of their parking facilities.  Although it's good to get there early to secure a space in some of the church halls.

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