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Welcome to my website.  

I hope you enjoy looking through the information and if you can't find what you are looking for please contact me.

For the quickest response please text me: 

07949 295 947.

Last Saturday of EVERY month:    CIRCUITS



6 classes a WEEK are OUTSIDE

4 classes a WEEK are ONLINE on ZOOM 

3 classes a WEEK are INSIDE the hall

TOTAL 13 classes a week including 2 on a Saturday morning and 2 lunchtime 30 minute classes.  (12.30pm)


Text me for your ZOOM class EMAIL link or PASSCODE

Hey Presto - I'm in your front room (or bedroom

or Kitchen) wherever you have a

little bit of space to go sideways. 

ONLY £4 per ZUMBA class or £2.50 for a 30 minute class.

            See the above CURRENT CLASS LIST TAB for                            the latest class schedules                

2.  FOR SALE:  DVD's to buy of my

live ZUMBA class

& a PILATES class 

(2 pilates classes in 1)


Find out more 07949 295 947

ZUMBA   9.30am - 10.30am

MONDAY,  31st May
bank holiday class


Fantastic,  Fun ZUMBA class at The Broxbourne Sports Club,  Mill Lane,  Broxbourne.   

                   Call to book on 07949 295 947

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A little about me

I've lived in the HODDESDON/WARE area all my life. After my children were born I decided to train as a Fitness Instructor.  In 2006 I started with just 2 aerobic classes a week incorporating a diet & nutrition section.  I found I loved teaching and exercise coaching. I added different styles of exercise to my training and classes, including SALSASIZE.  In 2010 ZUMBA came to Hoddesdon and I trained straight away. I taught 8 ZUMBA classes a week and 1 AEROBIC class.  To achieve a balance in life and exercise to keep fit and healthy I felt PILATES would add a much needed alternative to my class schedule.  I trained 4 years ago now and enjoy the lovely strength and stretch elements of PILATES in conjunction with the higher impact ZUMBA and Aerobics. 

In 2018 I trained to teach STRONG by ZUMBA, which offers high power strength and deep cardio training. It is a HIIT style class that can be done at ANY level and will progressively get you fitter & stronger. Again, a very different way to make your body more powerful and very fit.  Come and try them all to see which style you like or as designed, a bit of them all!

My aim as an Instructor is to make every hour of exercise FUN.  I am a firm believer that if you enjoy something you will keep doing it. We all know we need to keep moving to achieve a healthy body and a sense of well-being.  Regular exercise keeps injuries at bay and keeps our bodies strong.  The older I get the more I understand just how important exercise is

to keep healthy & strong
to stay flexible
to keep our muscles toned

and to achieve that wonderful feeling that you've done something for YOU.  

You'll find a cross section of men & women of all ages at my classes and if you miss one class there will always be another the next day.

I'll make you SMILE & LAUGH and your workout will become part of your weekly routine and a happy life. 

Give it a try!  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 9.30am Monday mornings class is remaining OUTSIDE on the Broxbourne Sports Club Hockey Pitch

Stay for a coffee in the clubhouse after class.  Inside classes from September 2021



Body Toning

What style of classes can you do?

13  classes a week

You will be joining a fantastic group of like minded people.  Who love to exercise and socialise together too.

Its more than just a fitness

Choose your STYLE

        Choose your DAY 

                    Choose your TIME