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Welcome to my website.  

I hope you enjoy looking through the information and if you can't find what you are looking for please contact me.

For the quickest response please text me: 

07949 295 947.


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Last Saturday of EVERY month:    CIRCUITS


Curently suspended.


ALL classes are ONLINE until we go back into halls.

8 ZUMBA classes a week including Saturday mornings

Text me for your EMAIL link or PASSCODE

Hey Presto - I'm in your front room (or bedroom

or Kitchen) wherever you have a

little bit of space to go sideways. 

ONLY £4 per class.

See the above tab or            

for the class schedules                

2.  FOR SALE:  2 NEW DVD's to buy of my

live ZUMBA class

& a PILATES class  (2 pilates classes in 1)


Find out more 07949 295 947

A little about me

I've lived in the HODDESDON/WARE area all my life. After my children were born I decided to train as a Fitness Instructor.  In 2006 I started with just 2 aerobic classes a week incorporating a diet & nutrition section.  I found I loved teaching and exercise coaching. I added different styles of exercise to my training and classes, including SALSASIZE.  In 2010 ZUMBA came to Hoddesdon and I trained straight away. I taught 8 ZUMBA classes a week and 1 AEROBIC class.  To achieve a balance in life and exercise to keep fit and healthy I felt PILATES would add a much needed alternative to my class schedule.  I trained 4 years ago now and enjoy the lovely strength and stretch elements of PILATES in conjunction with the higher impact ZUMBA and Aerobics. 

In 2018 I trained to teach STRONG by ZUMBA, which offers high power strength and deep cardio training. It is a HIIT style class that can be done at ANY level and will progressively get you fitter & stronger. Again, a very different way to make your body more powerful and very fit.  Come and try them all to see which style you like or as designed, a bit of them all!

My aim as an Instructor is to make every hour of exercise FUN.  I am a firm believer that if you enjoy something you will keep doing it. We all know we need to keep moving to achieve a healthy body and a sense of well-being.  Regular exercise keeps injuries at bay and keeps our bodies strong.  The older I get the more I understand just how important exercise is

to keep healthy & strong
to stay flexible
to keep our muscles toned

and to achieve that wonderful feeling that you've done something for YOU.  

You'll find a cross section of men & women of all ages at my classes and if you miss one class there will always be another the next day.

I'll make you SMILE & LAUGH and your workout will become part of your weekly routine and a happy life. 

Give it a try!  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mondays ONLINE are 9.30am

 9am Monday mornings class IS BACK

at The Baptist Church, Hoddesdon. 

Choose between 9am class or 10.15am class or do both!!

What style of classes can you do?

8 online classes a week

Its more than just a fitness

Choose your STYLE

        Choose your DAY 

                    Choose your TIME

Call me:  07949 295 947  or EMAIL: sandragribbin@yahoo.co.uk or

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/fitnesswithsandra

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