Hi,  welcome to this COVID & Fitness With Sandra NEWS

Last updated 12th September 2022

We are trying to get back to normal and exercise is definately one of the most important aspects for a healthy lifestyle, as well as the sanity it brings to seeing 'real' faces and smiles.

The government are guiding us to be safe.  I would like to keep an eye on class numbers for all classes.   I will keep the halls very well ventilated and try to keep 2 metre distancing between attendees.   There are 2 classes : Monday & Tuesday that are in a smaller hall so I need you to BOOK - ON to these classes only.   If the class exceeds the maximum I can open a 2nd class straight after, so you'll always be able to come to a class. 

To help with the smaller hall situation I have moved the WEDNESDAY 9.30am class to a much bigger hall from 9th February.  The hall is so big that there is no need to book on.  The hall has it's own car park and once a month we stay for COFFEE & CHAT in the foyer.

Evening and Saturday classes you DO NOT NEED TO BOOK-ON.

There are 10 INSIDE classes.  I have chosen the halls because of their ventilation. All have great parking too.


There is 1 ZOOM CLASS:     Thursday: 12.30 - 1pm  LUNCHTIME SPECIAL.

 A fantastic 30 min stretch & blast class.  If you are at home every day and can't make it to any class why not get fit from home.  This short class is on once a week to help improve your posture, cardio strength and flexibility.  It's only £3.  Find the time.  It will be worth it and it's in the privacy of your home so you can start your get fit campaign without worry.

All classes £6.50.

Zoom 30 min class £3.00

Pilates class  £7.00

 DID YOU KNOW you can buy my ZUMBA DVD's (£6) or PILATES DVD (£10) by texting me and I shall post it to you.   07949 295 947

   The DVD's are a LIVE class of me teaching ZUMBA.  Using all the latest tracks used in class last year.


I will continue to keep classes safe.  Masks are optional, but I shall try to keep 2 metre distancing whil;e exerising and ALL windows open.

The government understands the importance of exercise so have trusted fitness groups to follow the guidelines needed to protect each other.


These are my rules for you & I.


  • You will bring minimal belongings to class & avoid placing your items close to other peoples.

  • Take your rubbish away.

  • Bring your own PPE and hand sanitiser.

  • Not come to class if you are showing symptoms of a cold or COVID.

  • You will let me know if you are tested positive. 100 % privacy of this information


  • I will ensure the venues are clean before you arrive. 

  • I will keep your attendance to the class for 21 days for Track & Trace purposes.

  • And ensure your information is kept secure.

  • I will make you laugh and tire your muscles before you go home…..