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Every December we get to that time of year where routine goes out the window. To help keep your fitness up and a little YOU time,  I have a full schedule of classes over the 2 week Christmas break.  The only days we get off are Christmas day, Boxing day & New Years day!!

I've kept this tab primed and ready to publish 2020's December class list.  MOTTO:  KEEP AHEAD OF THE FITNESS GAME...   It takes 2 weeks to lose your fitness AND 6 weeks to regain it!!!.  

 21st December      9.30am    STRONG class      

 21st December      10.45am   ZUMBA class       

    23rd December     10am     ZUMBA class         

   23rd December       6.45pm     ZUMBA class     

   24th December       9.20am     ZUMBA class       

  27th December          9.30am      ZUMBA class       

 28th December        9.30-10.45am      ZUMBA class     

  30th December        10am     ZUMBA class          

   30th December        6.45pm      ZUMBA class     

  31st December        9.20am      ZUMBA class      

 2nd January 2020    10am     ZUMBA class        

Thursday,  2nd January            6.15pm       ZUMBA class        Westfield School, Hoddesdon

Friday,     3rd January               1.30pm       ZUMBA class        The Methodist Church,  Hoddesdon

All Classes over these 13 days are Pay As You Go... £6.50.  OR  Pre book and pre pay at £5.50.    Call me to book on or JUST TURN UP.  xxx

All classes are £6.50 pay as you go.

Save money by pre-booking. call 07949 295 947

Call me:  07949 295 947  or EMAIL: or


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